Challenge: 31. Colors

Lol, so after about 2 years… I’m only on #31 of this challenge. I wonder if my writing has improved… but it is fun/entertaining/nostalgic to go through my tumblr posts. I’m glad I made a tumblr.

Colors. If I had to pick one right now, I’d pick…. the color of the sea? Not sure what color that is. And maybe I’m a bit influenced by the anime I just finished (Nagi no Asukara) and One Piece. 

I’d like to think the color of the sea represents freedom, yet potential danger. And it describes me right now, somewhat. (Sorry, I’m a vague person- I don’t like to set things in stone… except I kinda do that a lot- I guess I’m just a bit afraid to voice it outloud.) There’s this yearning for freedom but the fear of what’s out there, and a shadow of anxiety.

Tomorrow’s my fellowship’s Coffeehouse. And I’ve invited quite a lot of ppl. So I’m nervous… about talking to them about God, when I really shouldn’t be. But I’m nervous about everything… but still- no excuses. And I’m being such a baby about this…but I know I just need to rely on God. Such is the beauty of Faith. It’s hard, but there is no fear in love. 

So sea blue. Sea blue. 

She made believe the world is kind
And she’s immune to it’s lies
In a perfect world she can be free
But a perfect world, never be

Little did she know, Ophelia, yea,
the fairy tale was wrong
The treasures were all gone
Everything wasn’t how it should be

Jinny Kim
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